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Default Line of Sight - Line of Bore Qn.

OK, I'm having a brain cramp.

We know that the line of the bore must be angled upward (however slightly)in relation to the line of sight, in order for the bullet to hit the point of aim. We know that the bullet will cross the line of sight twice, once about 25 yds from the gun, and again some distance downrange. I get this part.

Here's the question. When shooting with a scope, where does thisangle come from? Scope mounts seem interchangeable front to back (or should be), so that's not it. Doesn't seem like guns are manufactured to provide this angle in the scope mounting area. So that leaves the scope itself. I can believe that, but I guess I don't know enough about how scopes work to understand it.

Can anyone explain how a scope provides this angle between the line of sight and the line of the bore, and how it can actually be adjusted to change the angle? When you adjust the crosshairs, are you actually adjusting the angle that the scope is "looking"? How is that achieved?
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