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Default Early October marshland buck.

Even though it's been about a week. Thought I'd share a little hunting news that some may not be aware of.

Last Thursday night October 09, 2008 I was able to take down a bull of a body swamp ghost. The buck field dressed in at 194 lbs. which would have put him about 230ish on the hoof. It is my estimation that the swampland creature is aged 4 years.. but it is very possible he's much older as I've had several conversations about this over the past week. Won't know an age til my taxi. takes a proper look.

Anyway.. I acquired this new piece of ground last December-ish. Hunted it 2 or 3 times just after Christmas of 2007. Saw a few does and 1 yote.

I returned here several times throughout March and April on shed missions and to develop a plan for hunting this ground the following year of 2008.

I finally decided on a tree way back in March where 2 distinct rub lines met. One of the rub lines stretched nearly 1/2 a mile through nasty swamp.

The plan for this piece of property going into this year was not to hunt it unless under warmer temps.. as it offered plenty of shade trees to get bedded deer out of the swamp and sunlight.. and the property had a very small pond with a fresh spring within it.


When the breeding season kicked into swing causing deer to move earlier and hopefully head in the direction of a AG field that is about 2 miles away.

A warm front blew in Wednesday October 8th.. but I did not hunt. It needed another day and temps to continue to climb.

Thursday, Oct. 9th it came with gentle WNW winds at about 7-10 mph and a balmy 75 degrees.

At 5 minutes to 4 pm I was set into my stand and waiting. I got my anus beat by my phones chessmaster twice before putting it away.[:@]

At 4:30 pm I caught some cattails moving about 60 yards out. Within a moment out stepped 3 bucks including the one I took. He was clearly mature from the moment I saw him as he appeared ENORMOUS when standing to either of the other 2 bucks he was with. A 1 yr old and a respective 2 yr old.

After 10 minutes of watching them feed closer.. then away.. then closer.. then away.. I decided to make a move and pulled out my True Talker just as a small doe passed within range.

Which gave me an idea. So I waited about 2 minutes til she cleared and would have been near the small pond.

I gave a soft doe bawl that was medium in length. He threw his head up.. then put his head back down.

I then threw out 2 soft aggressive buck grunts back to back. This time he just turned his body towards me.. and I knew he was coming.

He never really looked up but fed quickly my way. Within moments he was within range (16 yards) and I drew.. and released.

The buck ran no more than 40 yards and fell within sight. By 4:47ish it was all over.

I've always believed in 'right time.. right buck'.. and he was a perfect example of this. It was the right day.. and he displayed the right buck attitude by moving during daylight on the ground the hunter was on. It all starts with a plan.

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