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Default RE: Rage Users - Help please

I tried the shoulders of the blades and I think the middle might actually be better? It holds the blades and appears that the band cuts and releases the second the blades start to deploy.
I know we're talking MINUTE amounts, Matt......but I'm wondering what the poundage difference to open the blades is with the bands in the respective places mentioned. I know RJ did a test and that's why he puts them on the "shoulders"......and why I do the same at his urging.

I think they open "easier" without the band (again we're likey splitting hairs)....and I'd think they open easier with the band more towards the front (shoulder).

With the KE we're's likely a moot point, though.

I've never had one open in flight .....THAT I KNOW OF. If it didn't affect the performance, one bit.
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