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Default RE: Timberline No-Peep

The No-Peep device is the single best piece of equipment I have purchased for my bow. I have always disliked using one eye to sight and being in the 50+ age bracket my close up vision sucks. It is a bit of PITA to get set up, in fact I almost shipped it back butglad I didn't. In low light conditions it is far superior to a traditional in the string peep.

When setting the N0-Peep up, I agree with what Rick C says. I wished I had done it this way from the start." my advice would be to close your eyes, draw and anchor, check the no peep alignment. This way you are aligning the no peep to your anchor point, not aligning your anchor point to the no peep. - Rick C.

In my case I just use a kisser button and my knuckle on right hand that holds to release is just behind and against my jawbone and under my ear.I moved the No-Peep until the black bubble is centered in the larger green bubble.

What Redoakbuck says "I have been using it since spring and don't even need to really look at it anymore."

It's true after you use it for a while youare just aligned and really do not need to look at, although I still always do when practicing. When I shot my first buck last year it was on a walk more than quartering away at 18 yds and I just followed him until he reached a clear openingand let the arrow fly. Never looked at the No-Peep. He dropped inside 60 yards.

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