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Default RE: Someone setup right next to my tree stand

That is the problem with public land. I had a similar experience during the PA Gun Season. I was actually all done setting my stand, in orange mind you, and as I am in the stand and my friend on the ground here comes this guy and his kid. About 60 yards down the hill he looks up at me, turns and starts clearing leaves around a tree and places his chair. Now this was two days before the season. So I whistle, no response. I yell to him, again no response. I then yell, "There is 2000 acres of public ground, would you mind giving me some room ?"...again no response. Since then, I started leasing which I have done for 11 years up until now, which I finally have my own place to call home.

It's a terrible thing, but to me, its about enjoying the time outdoors, safety and knowing where everyone is.
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