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Default RE: Official Team 4 Thread

ORIGINAL: formula1

OK, haven't heard from Captain(hunter20084), but I'll go ahead and ask everyone one more time if they want to go with 'Lead Poison' for our team name. Here's those who have voted and those who have not:

Team # 4 Name
1. jason69 – Wisconsin
2. superdave10x-NY,MISSOURI
3. Bocajnala--OH.,PA Lead Poison
4. Win.88 –PaLead Poison
5. hatchetjack-Pennsylvania
6. Remington788 -- Edmonton, Alberta
7. hunter20084 – Rory Mo
8. solocamcan-ILLINOIS Lead Poison
9. formula1 - Illinois, Georgia Lead Poison
10. Squirrelkilla23-Ohio

Anyone else want to weigh in???
Ya what's up with asking to be captain then never showing back up?
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