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Default Someone setup right next to my tree stand

I put my tree stand up back in August and started with a salt block and camera to scout the area. It is a large area of state land. I had some decent bucks coming in until the middle of September then they seemed to vanish. I was hunting this stand a few days ago when I see an orange hat coming through the woods.

Turns out it is a guy with a bucket of bait. I ask him if he intends to hunt right next to me and then I notice that he has a tree stand thirty yards from me. After a short arguement he ends up leaving without dumping his bait. I figure that if I give him a few days he will take his stand down.

That night I check my game camera and there is a picture of the guy looking up at my tree stand. He knows it is there and set up thirty yards from me anyway. I'm steaming mad. [:@]I went back to hunt yesterday and his stand is still there with some fresh bait on the ground. Luckily he did not show up while I was hunting.

I have left a note on this guys vehicle asking him to please call me about his stand but he never did. I have no intention of moving but i'm hesitant to hunt because if he shows up again it will be a waste of time. It amazes me that there are people out there like this.
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