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Default I ran out of daylight!!!

I was sitting in my stand overloking a food plot and saw 2 does come out of the woods across the field. They start to make their way over to my plot. Then I see another deer enter the field. IT"S A GOOD BUCK!! But he doesn't follow the does right away. Instead he works over 3 scrapes and licking branches before heading my way. OH and it is starting to get dark. He is taking his good old time, nibbling here and there. By the time he makes it to the plot, there isn't much light left. He is at 40 yards broadside eating. I come to full draw but can't see my pins. I let down and turn on my pin light. I draw again but this time the light is too bright and I can't see the deer. He continues to feed coming to within 20 yards of me as it gets really dark. All I can do is watch him thru my binocs.

As he feeds away he walks right past my trail camera and I see the LED's glow. I watched him get his picture taken. So I waited until I couldn't hear him anymore and got down and retrieved the card from my camera.

Here is what could have been. You will note I walked in front of the camera 10 minutes after it took his pics. I'll have to check it out but I think I am in the tree just to the left of his antler when he is looking at the camera.

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