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What is the clean up like?
Now this is the one thing I don't like about it on the case body. And like oneshot better. You wipe it off, but its time consuming.
bc.....I've had a can of Hornady's Oneshot on a shelf here for some time, and never tried it.....Do you turn the casings upside down before spraying to keep it off the shoulders? And how do you lube the inside of the neck before sizing, if that's the procedure? I was impressed with the Imperial...Same basic procedure I've always used. Now ya got me wonderin'....I just read on the Oneshot can that you let it dry before sizing. No clean-up after sizing??....
I love oneshot. What I do is line up two lines of 10 cases each (20 cases)with the mouths facing me. I spray over them at a 45 degree angle so I get some in the mouths. I wait 1 or so min and I take my hand and roll the cases to the other side. I do the same. I then will use my imperial with a Q-tip for inside case mouths. I don't care if the oneshot gets on the shoulders or neck. I love the stuff myself.

I just don't have time anymore to play around. If one has the time, go for it.

Anytime I am sizing down brass, I might use imperial.