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Hey Fellas, Thanks!! you really dont know how good ya'll made me feel,,Kanga,,,, MANY,, MANY,, thanks to you for posting those for me.
I havent been back in to shooting long, lost a lot of time and equipment due to a divorce and then cardiac surgery(quad by pass) I am just now this year getting back to trad and wheels both,like the trad MUCH better.And thanks Redneck,
I built the back quiver my selfe,.
Sorry it took so long to respond ,My wife and I work nights and we are sorta backwards from everyone elses schedule.
Once again Thanks Kanga for posting them,,and thanks to the rest of ya'll .

P.S. thanks also to my precious NEW wife of 3 marvelous years for letting me have FUN in the TRAD way!!!!
{ Lana,I love you Babe!!!}
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