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Well how #40fan does it is how old guys like my dad and grandpa would do it. What we used to do was we had about 6-7 head of beagles. I'm not goin to get into how to train the dogs and how to tell when they're trailin or runnin but a share a little. First off the dogs can smell way better when the ground is wet, so if theres a frost in the morning like most of the time, the dogs will be a little slow until the sun melts it. When they pick up on a rabbit, they trail it until they jump it from where ever its laying, and they then run the rabbit (actually chasing it). Now its a matter of time.If you want to cut the rabbit off, you'd better be quick because most of the time the rabbit will be way in front of the dogs. If you miss cutting the rabbit off, or if you just shot and missed the rabbit, wait in that general area. A rabbit will ALWAYS make a complete circle and come back to where it was jumped, unless the dogs lose the rabbit.

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