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Default RE: Official Team 48 Thread

Hey guys...well, hopefully this one should help us out. I took this guy on Friday (10/3)afternoon in Ohio on my annual hunt. Two years in a row from the same stand at my buddys farm. It sits along a cornfield just into the wood line (can't really see from the pictures). He came down at about 6PM accompanied by another nice buck, but he was definitely larger. My Elite put a hurting on him quartering towards me. I will put up a post on the main site, but today is my wedding anniversary so need to tend some family business. For now, here are his score and two pictures.

MB 22.4/823.2/8
G1 7.2/8 5.2/8
G2 8.5/8 7.6/8
G3 7.5/8 7.2/8
H1 4.4/8 4.7/8
H2 3.7/8 4.1/8
H3 3.5/8 3.7/8
H4 3.4/8 3.6/8
IS 17.7/8

Total Score 142 inches (I hope I did my math right)

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