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The TMZ are boattail bullets, i dont think the crush ribs are made for boattails, you might try the knight ultimate slam with easy load sabots. They are made by Barnes and are the same as those TMZ, but come with a blue easy load boattail sabot.
Correct the TMZ are boat Tails, but there are two ways to go, #1 some guys put a #18 washer at the bottom of the bullet with a crushed rib or 3 petal ez so it providesflatness when fired. the2nd way to go is with a new Barnes Bullet that is Flat Based, it is a Flat Based TMZ, it is only available from Barnes and you can buy it on their web site here:⼯a>??/

It is called the spit-fire T-EZ. Knight also makes a sabot for the TMZ that is looser. You can call their customer service to get the part number, some folks have found that sabot to work well with the TMZ.
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