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ORIGINAL: mayguy

I use them in my Omega (very tight with yellow sabot). I use a HPH 24 sabot with a sub base under it. This combo works well for me, a 5/8 inch, three shot group, at 50 yds. I have killed 3 deer with this combo. I tried without the sub base and the group was much bigger.
I have tried the yellow sabot with BH 209 and it doesen't load very hard but I still get a better group with the HPH 24 and sub base-- 1 1/2 inch at 100 yds-- probably as good as I can shoot,
I used 120 grs of 777 and 120 grs of BH 209. Only trying this in your particular gun will tell if it works for you.
It was amazing how much easier it loaded with the BH 209, no swabbing with over 40 shots WOW!
I almost ordered the HPH 24 sabots and then decided on the 3 petal since they are suppose to be the easiest loading. Guess I'll find out.
They sure don't shoot in a superglide sabot. I couldn't stay on paper. Went back to the shockwave and had the next 2 in the 10 ringer. Guess it will be a while before I shoot the spitfire tmz's. worse comes to worse i'll order the sub-base and the 24's as you suggested. thanks