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Default Barnes Spit-fire TMZ

WOW!! is an under statement. I must have been using easy load sabots for to long. I tried the barnes tmz this morning in my triumph . I was considering using it Saturday for doe season. I really like the BCE and the 100% weight retention and expansion qualities . It looks like a great bullet but after struggling to get the first one down the barrel ( quite a chore) I decided to not load a second one. Does anybody know how it performs if the sabot is switched to an easy load or crush rib sabot.
I don't have the strength to load a second one I don't think

a little later:

p.s. Well I ordered some HPH 3 petal sabots. We'll see how that works when they get here. In the mean time I am going to use the sabots from my shockwaves and see how they shoot with the 2 petal sabot. let you know