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Default Big Doe Down!! Kinda Graphic with Rage Pics

Here is the story for you all:

Saturday morning I got in my stand around 5:30 am in which I am overlooking a nice waterhole we dug out about 10 years ago. I passed up a yearling 6 pointer and a yearling 8 pointer that morning. It was neat watching them. They were playing in the water with each other running back and forth for about 20 minutes before they left. I had some other deer come through but it was too thick in the cedars to see what they were.

Saturday night hunt I get setup in my stand around 4:30, a bit later than I usually do cause it was like 77 degrees out and I figured they wouldn't move till late. I haven't sat in this stand yet this year so I figured I would see something. I have about a 1/4 food plot planted with oats, clover, and rape that I am overlooking and a big apple tree about 60 yards away that holds apples till winter. Off to my left I have another smaller food plot I planted with peas and turnips. In the field the farmer has planted soy beans which some of the leaves are turning yellow right now but still some green leaves on them. (I took some pics in the stand to kinda give you a idea what it looks like) No longer than 5 min I have a fork horn buck under the apple tree and feeds into my food plot. He feeds for a while and eventually feeds on the soy beans. 15 min later I have a doe on my small food plot. There were deer all over this night eating on my food plots, the apple tree, and the soy beans. I saw 8 before I decided to take this mature doe at 10 yards. At 6:30 she offered me a slight quartering away shot at 10 yards I let her have it.

I see my arrow go all the way through her as my firenock is lighted up on the ground. I see her run about 60 yards and she falls over! I get down about 15 min later and found her lying there. The 2 blade rage left a huge hole in her. I measured the entrance whole and it was 6 1/4". The one blade must of been at an angle and tore a hole in the hide. It went through 2 ribs and came out behind the opposite shoulder! Perfect shot. First deer with my new General I bought this year. What a hunt to remember and what a reward for all the hard work I put in putting in those food plots. I am still excited.

We figured she weighed around 110 lbs.

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