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Default AKC double Field Champion bred beagle pups

These pups are double Field Champion bred (Sire is Kalagha/Gay X Dam is Darbin/Littleman/Kalagha) and will bring you rabbits & ribbons. They should run med. + to upper med. speed and will be good PBGA SPO trial dogs. Sire is 13 ¾” B&T and Dam is 12 ½” tri-color with extreme hunt, big nose, & excellent line control. Both parents & pups have good conformation. There are tri-color pups & some w/ light red/blue ticking. Pups are being handled daily by myself and kids and are friendlier than anything and very well socialized.

They were born 8/13/08 and will be ready for pick-up in 2 weeks. They’ll have been wormed 3 times & will have their 1st shots. They’re AKC registered and the papers are here & in order. $300 females/$250 males, no shipping – pick-up only, located in Northern VA. No trades!

Contact Steve at (703) 989-4079 or [email protected] Pics & pedigree below:

-----------------------------------------Eller’s Gay Ireland Rocky
---------------------------------FC Eller’s Outlaw G-I Linesman
-----------------------------------------Eller’s Outlaw Melody
-------------------------FC Buck’s Branch Kalagha
-----------------------------------------FC Wingate’s Brandon
---------------------------------FC Mountain View Brandi
-----------------------------------------Mountain View Blondie
-----------------FC Sal’s Coco Jamboo
-----------------------------------------FC Straight Arrow
---------------------------------Joe Scott
-----------------------------------------FC Madge Scott
-------------------------Wingate’s Hooker
-----------------------------------------FC Wingate’s Brandon
---------------------------------Kimberly Creek Kysha Sue
-----------------------------------------Coby Hill Jessica
FC Shindle County Clyde (sire)
-----------------------------------------Gay Rocky
---------------------------------Eller’s Gay Ireland Rocky
-----------------------------------------Gay Nancy
-------------------------FC Little River Rowdy
-----------------------------------------Luci-Van Bog
---------------------------------Eller’s Outlaw Melody
-----------------------------------------Eller’s Outlaw Kate
-----------------Amato’s Little Daisy
-----------------------------------------FC Wingate’s Brandon
---------------------------------Green Mountain Barney
-----------------------------------------FC Green Mt. Mindy Chimes
-------------------------Windy Hill Maggie May
-----------------------------------------Sandtown Hogan
---------------------------------Windy Hill Baldy
-----------------------------------------Windy Hill Jenny
-----------------------------------------FC Luci Van Little Man
---------------------------------Fast Delivery Little Mack
-----------------------------------------Buzz Bomb’s Call Girl
-------------------------Rush View Jake
-----------------------------------------FC Puckett’s Tommy T
---------------------------------Flatwoods Babe
-----------------------------------------Flatwoods Hobo Queen
-----------------FC Burdette's Little Darbin
-----------------------------------------FC Luci Van Little Man
---------------------------------FC Fast Delivery Little Harvey
-----------------------------------------Star City Belle
-------------------------FC Cline's Wolf Creek Maioma
----------------------------------------- Fast Delivery Little Mack
---------------------------------Anderton’s Little Casey
-----------------------------------------Flatwoods Naomi
---------FC Devil’s Honey Hole Bee (dam)
-----------------------------------------FC Eller’s Outlaw G-I Linesman
---------------------------------FC Bucks Branch Kalagha
-----------------------------------------FC Mountain View Brandi
-------------------------FC Bungalow Hill G-I Brandon
-----------------------------------------IFC Bungalow Hill Chico
---------------------------------FC Bungalow Girla
-----------------------------------------Deets Abby
-----------------Devil’s Hole Dee
-----------------------------------------FC Chicos Northway Venture
---------------------------------IFC Bungalow Hill Chico
-----------------------------------------Bungalow Hill Jasmine
-------------------------Bungalow Hill Lucky
-----------------------------------------FC Nomads Buckshot Mr. Bill
---------------------------------IFC Bungalow Hill Sue
-----------------------------------------FC Bungalow Hill Gert
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