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Default RE: Remington Cor-Loct vs. Hornady SST

For deer or hogs with a 30-06...any hunting bullet is fine. Some will tell you that hogs are huge and covered with armor...but any hunting bullet from an 06 will place the pig quickly on the ground.

Just find one that shoots groups that you're happy with and that's that!

I had a guy come to our farm and deer hunt a few years back. He owned the bear camp where I went in Ontario. He pulls out a .340 Weatherby and I believe the ammo was "Fail Safe" somewhere in the 200 grain range. These were reccommended to him by a guy at a gun shop as "great deer ammo".

The deer that he shot looked like it had been hit by a Land Rover at 55mph. My point is that you don't need premium expansion or penetration ammo out of a 30 caliber rifle to take down a thin-skinned whitetail.

I'd try the Core-Lokt's. My Rem 760 in .270 loves them.
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