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Default RE: Remington Cor-Loct vs. Hornady SST

I hope you're exaggerating?

The best ammo is, put quite simply, the ammo your particular rifle "likes" best. Not what the guy at the gun counter recommends, nor is your buddy's "favorite load" a sure thing (unless you're sharing a rifle with him).

Buy something readily available. Take it to the range. Shoot it. Compare it to the other brands you bought. Go back and buy the one that seemed the most consistent (try to make sure it's from the same lot).

I've used "cheapo" Core-Lokts, PowerPoints, and Hi-Shoks for years (before I started reloading) and never had a problem with any of them. No, they weren't shooting sub-MOA, nor was that degree of accuracy necessary - all would print 2" groups (some a bit better than others) at 100 yards, and since most of my shots were coming at LESS than 100 yards, 2" was plenty accurate.

Now, if you're shooting beyond that, you'll probably need to start doing someexperimentation with different loads.

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