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Default RE: Petition to keep parks open Illinois

dam remind me to never move there. now i see why they let obama in the govt there in the first place.
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You have to love Illinois.

We are short of millions of dollars.. so they steal from the licensing of the states sportsman.. they close down hundreds of state run programs.. cut back and lay off hundreds of employees of the state...

..and now they say they want 100 million to re-organize the states constitution.

Are you KIDDING me. Isn't that your normal job senators of Illinois.. don't you get paid for this crap already...

And then they throw Barak Obama at us.. the Illinois senator of like 4 years and say vote for him.. he'll change it all.

WHAT A JOKE! He's from Illinois and a crook who's never even done ANYTHING EVER!

I hate this state. Vote NO on November 4th for a re-organization of the states constitution.[:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@]

AND don't even consider the Illinois senator with NOTHING under his belt.[:@]
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