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hell ive been having bear visit my bait sites frequently cleanign up the apples and what not, tearing apart my cornfields, the deer still come around. I wouldnt worry too much about it, more of a nuesance than a problem, wont be long theyll be moving on, stop baiting for a while, hell leave.
Stopping the food is about your only option this time of year. They are still going to be out for another month or so. I would quit feeding for a while, and hope he finds somewhere new. If you move your spot, the bear is going to follow, or another bear will find it. Their home ranges are big, and they will find that corn fast, or whatever it is you are baiting with. My bro didn't see a deer until Oct. 22 last year because of our bear problem. Scaring them away is a myth too, birdshot in the ass only worked for about 45 mins even. They are stubborn critters.
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