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Default RE: Problem with Bear!!!

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Hi, I have a problem with a bear hitting my bait pile. (for deer) It is opening weekend here in Wisconsin and he came in on the second evening, laid down on the bait and started munching. I dont mind him being there but I have two questions.
1. Will the deer still come in if he is eating there too?
2. If not how do I stop him from coming around?

I hope I do not have to move the stand because it is a good spot I have hunted there for 2 years now and have seen plenty of deer.

Wish I had a problem with bears[&:]

1. They will still come around, I've seen it first hand. I actually saw a bachelor group of three bucks, last weekend. Walked about twenty yards from my stand. I'm not sure if they'll eat your bait. But at least where I live, they come around. They were not scared, or jumpy in the least.

2. You won't stop him from coming around, as long as the bait is there. Unless you scare him away.
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