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Default RE: Red Dot Or Regular Scope On Cva Kodiac Pro

I have two inlines with RED DOTs. They are the Bushnell Trophy models. While (as mentioned) they are great for short range, remember even with a 3MOA dot, that only means it will shoot a 3" group at 100 yards. Now lets guess that the next time you shoot, your dot is not in the same place as the last, so now you have stretched that 3 inch dot to much more.

Another disadvantage of the RED DOTs are most are 20mm. That does not let in a lot of light. So granted at dusk you have a red dot to aim off of, but what good does that do you when you can not make out the animal you're shooting at, in the late afternoon shadows. Some say, shoot with both eyes open. Tried it, and it does help. Also as the shadows grow, the dot grows a half moon tail. You just ignore the half moon tail.

I consider my RED DOTs a 75 yard rifle and no more. That is just a standard I set for myself in the accuracy department. We are not allowed magnification so I went to a 1x scope and the difference is like night and day. A much better set up.

If you are allowed magnification, get a scope that gives you good light gathering, and a nice clear picture. 125 yards shots could be done with a simple 4x but I personally like the 2-7x32mm. I have them in Nikon Pro Staffs, and a 3200 Bushnell Elite.

All my shots are close. So I have been shooting with a 2.5x and a 4x Simmons and they seem to do the job as well. But I would put a scope hands high,over a red dot for accuracy and light gathering.

During the modern season I will hunt with a magnified scope. During black powder season, I will use a Nikon or T/C 1x.
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