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Default Timberline No-Peep

All -

For the past couple years I thought I was struggling with bow torque. I don't death grip my bow but, I notice that my cables were not always in the same position. Also, over the years, I would shoot great, 40 yards dead nuts, then be a bit over to one direction, or sporadic. This year, I would search for an answer.

I purchased a timberline no-peep after doing a quick search on the internet. Randomly, ran across it and it seemed to be something that could help me.

Since my main bow is in the shop, I installed the no-peep on a spare Oneida. Bit confusing to put on but, in about 30 full minutes, I was ready for my first test shot. To the back yard I went.

I knew that it would changed my knock point. Was not sure how much as traditionally, I would hold the string with release very, very tight to my face. I think this was causing some of the problems anyway.

Stood about 10 yards from the target and bang, shot over the target, into my chain link fence and arrow was cut in two. This normally would not be a problem however, I'm in a residential neighborhood. Someone is going to find about 20 inches of arrow and a field point in their yard. (This is not going to be good for anyone, especially me.)

Changing the distance to 5 yards and aiming at the base of the target, I was hitting way high and 6 - 8 inches to the left. After adjusting my sight, not the no-peep, I was able to shoot 20 yards, and hold a 2 inch group with 3 arrows. My sight was still not dialed in as I was still left.

Going back to adjust the sight again, I found that the no-peep is butt up against the sight guard and I can not move it any further.

Since I will be putting this on my main bow in the next week or so, I am not going to change it any more. If I was keeping it on this bow, I would likely have to place the no-peep on the inside of the bow instead of the outside. Not sure how it would look but, it is designed for either application.

Overall, I found switching from shooting a peep for X years to this no-peep was easy. Did it solve my problem of bow torque? Not sure. The Onedia does not really have torque problems so, I will need to mount it on my Proline Riptide and test it out. I'm interested to know how this is going to perform in the woods as well. If it does well, I may have to buy another one for both bows. Maybe it was my knock point change but, this setup felt very comfortable shooting.

I know folks have posted here before about the no-peep, just adding to the mix.

- Pick00l
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