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Default RE: #age for mechanical broadheads

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idk how fast my bow is! so im not sure of the kenetic energy...
What poundage are you shooting and what is your DL????? What arrows are you shooting, length, fletching style, and tip weight???? Is your string loaded, tubed peep, full nock set, string silencers, etc???? With this information, I can "ballpark" you to give you an idea.

A PSE Nova isn't a speedster bow, that's for sure, and I'm willing to be you're KE is gonna be lower than recommended, 50-55 is the minimum I've seen recommended. But a slower bow usually tunes to BH's a little easier, and if you're shooting a low poundage set-up, you're probably best of with some good flying FBH's. I really like my Slick Trick Magnums, and they fly PERFECT, maybe even better than my FP tipped arrows in all honesty.
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