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Default Offical Score Card

2008 - 2009 Deer Contest Rules

1.Deer must taken legal and ethical as laws apply in the,
State your hunting including tags or what ever your state requires.
This includes the antler specifications for each individual state.

2. Gun and Muzzle Loader only. NO BOWS!!!!
There’s a contest for bows in bow hunting forum.

Rifle and Muzzle Loader calibers must be - as laws apply in the state your hunting.
You must have valid hunting license as required per state.

No poaching or night hunting allowed period.

A handgun - as laws apply in the state your hunting.
You must have validation of a handgun hunting license as required per state.
Or as laws apply in the state your hunting

A shotgun - as laws apply in the state your hunting

# 3. Revised.
3. Antlered deer, including doe's, if it's tagged with a tag it's in.
Does will count as 25 points.

One Doe will count toward your team.
The Doe will count 25 points.

The rules will be the same as the buck rule.

You, andthe Doe and the Gun, and the tag ( For the staes that require a tag ) in a picture.

4. Will be using the Boone & Crockett Gross scoring system,
Green scores w/ no deductions.
Typical or Non-Typical bucks...
Link to Boone & Crockett scoring system and instructions: e=Typical+Whitetail+Deer

Whitetail (as norm):125/125 = score x 1
Columbia blacktail: 125/90 = score x 1.39
Sitka blacktail: 125/75 = score x 1.67
Mule deer: 125/145 = score x 0.86

Below is a linkfor B&C typical mule deer scoring sytem. =Typical+Mule+Deer+%26+Blacktail

5. No more than 10 persons per team.
If the last team is less than 10 members the remaining will be picked,
From the alternates list starting with the first alternate.

Alternates list will start after 12 midnight August 31 - 2008

Alternate's when necessary starting with first come first serve.
I and or a mod/mods will oversee it.
Team members have until October 31st 2008 @ 12 midnight to,
Check in or you will be replaced by alternate.

6. Deadline to join is, (August 31 - 2008 - 12 Midnight)
You may join the alternate list, see rule 5.

The teams will be posted shortly after (August 31 - 2008 - 12 Midnight)
so please be patient.

7. You must have a picture posted on the contest page within the,
Official Score Card thread to enter a deer.
The Deer must have a tag visible (if tags apply to your state),
No skull pictures, no rack pictures - the Deer the gun and yourself,
Must be in the picture.

The picture MUST be in a Tasteful manner as to promote hunting,
(No Blood and Gore Pictures will be Allowed)

If the Deer is all bloody clean it up before the picture and
Hide the big hole from bullet.
Remember this is to promote hunting not degrade it.

8. Total number of inches of all team members’
Bucks will decide the winner see rule 4.

9. You must enter the first or second gun kill antlered deer you get ,
The second deer for you lucky states Will count.
But only one score counts.
Your score counts with your team total. = 10 scores per team.

10. No penned shot deer accepted,
Deer must be a free range wild animal regardless - private or public land.
No deer shot more than twenty two times will be accepted either.

11. All disagreements, controversies and conflicts will be decided on,
by a majority vote from a panel consisting of Team Captains and or,
Moderators participating within the contest.
Each team will pick your own team Captain.

THOSE decisions will be FINAL.

12. Any and All offensive, derogatory and or argumentative posts will be removed.
By either Admin or Moderators that are watching this particular sub-forum.
And any team member can be replaced by an alternate.

If anyone has a suggestion or something you feel I may have missed.
And should perhaps be added or removed please post it here for the time being.

Please clean up the deer and put the toung back in the mouth.
We want tasteful pictures.

Thank You and Good Luck


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