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Default RE: Team 1 check in


For captain i vote you gtown since you kind of got this thing going... for team names how bout...

Button Buck Blasters

Whose property is this

Up at the crack of noon

My gun has a safety?

Beer and bullets

When in doubt pull out

Going to the grocery store, be back later ( to long i think lol)

Im to old for this

If its brown im down

We love all racks

Pickup truck hunters

Thats not legal?

Lol i dont know those are some of my ideas...
Pretty funny stuff there Soap!

I'll second motion for gtown as captain, as long as you get your post count up soon .

"That's not legal?" had to be my favorite !! And "Who's property is this?"is a very close second ! "My gun has a safety?" just hit a little too closeto home[8D]
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