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Default RE: Official Team 11 checkstop!

Hey guys. Officially checking in. Hope we can do some damage this year. I'm from Southern WV, but I hunt in both Ohio and West Virginia. In WV, I primarily use my Ruger M77 Mark II 270. In Ohio, I'm going with something different this year. I recently purchased a Marlin 512 Slugmaster. I am anxious to try it out.

I guess we need to think of a name. I'll give it some thought.


Here is Team 11:
1. 130woodman Wisconsin
2. melsheeba – Michigan
3. Wlfdg – Idaho
4. madvilledoc - West Virginia & Ohio
5. backstrp fever-ny
6. JasonLester – Ohio

7. Amateurhunter44857-Ohio
8. bryant1 – Florida
9. Wykoffwonder MN
10. Theinespines—Wisconsin
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