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Default RE: Official Team 7 Thread

1. jwork- West Virginia
2. MrPhotographer06 – SC
3. DawnPatrol---Indiana
4. Canned Heat – WI
5. CamoCop – Florida
6. BOWHUNTER818—Delaware
7. iowabowhunter1 – Iowa
8. PreacherTony - New York
9. zs93 – Wisconsin
10. Kelleno- missouri, Kentucky

well our season opened monday..havent hit the stand yet.. going to put tacks up to my deep woods stand [hope we can find it]

had lots of rain so maybe it put them down a bit and they'll spring up a little tomorrow.. hitting the stand tomorrow!

at the curret time i'm hunting with a mossberg 500..getting a rifle in a couple weeks.. 7mm-08 =D

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