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Default RE: Shooting from tree

The only thing I'll tell you guys (who haven't shot from a treestand)'s "different". Drawing your bow is "different". Bending at the waist (if you've nevver done it) is "different" (no reason to while standing on the ground, most times). Standing on a platform while shooting is "different". Picking out a spot on something that doesn't have one is "different". Dealing with your nerves (as simple as actually being in a tree) is "different". Live target = HUGE difference.

For the first can practice from a treestand to get comfortable. The last will come with repeated encounters.

Go up to the stickies above and read Matt/PA's thread. That first time (and EVERY SUBSEQUENT time) you get to full draw on a'll relaize how smart he is. It's an OMG moment.

Good luck.
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