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I bought an ATR 100 in .270 , last Nov. I bought it as a gift for someone. It is a great rifle. Is it up to Remington 700 standards, , Does it cost as much $$$ as the Remington, It is accurate and reliable. It is 300.00 for the Synthetic / Marinecoat ..... and I have seen it a little cheaper. The boy I bought it for loves the gun. He has it all sighted in for this deer season. It will provide many , many years of faithful service ..... just like any other gun. The only thought I had, when Going over the rifle, was I wished it had a safety " knob " like the Remingtons. The one on the ATR is in the same spot, and it moves the same, but the metal safety knob is flat on top " low profile " , and I like the rounded " knob " on the Remy. But this is no major issue, but just something I believe they could change to improve it... But if that is the worst thing I can find to complain about ..... then that should tell you it is a good buy.... you can get 2 of the ATR's for the cost of a Remington.

Hope this helps...
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