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I picked up the ATR in the .243, scope included for about $350, tax and all. I compared it with Stevens, Remington, and Savage. Remington in the 700 is a great rifle, regardless of what caliber. Can't say the same for the 710 or the 770, though prices are great on both those models. Caliber selection is up to you. I've quickly learned there is no one "do it all rifle." For me, most of my shots are going to be 150 yards or less (last three years, all under 75 yards). I've hunted with my Marlin 30-30 and done very well, but on the off chance I get that 200 yard shot, needed something more reliable, that wouldn't rip the shoulder at the bench. I have a Woodsmaster 742. Mixed reviews, but mine has never jammed (as you will read in reviews)...I think it is mainly about ammo selection in that case. The 30-06 is a great versatile cartridge and there is always plenty of ammo (and cheap). The .243 does what I need it to do, doesn't rip me up. That being said...I think the .270 is great for all around. I lamented over that caliber versus the .243. Ballistics are great for both to the range I will likely be hunting, but I think the .243 stops at whitetail for game size. The .270 takes it up a few notches, and can add serious distance. I'm looking at the 7400 in the 270 (used) with cheap scope, case for about $325 or Wally-world has in stock the 700 for $457 w/ scope and cammo stock. I would prefer a synthetic stock, but...the Mossberg was certainly the cheap rifle that I wanted...does the job, cheap ammo, good accuracy, and a great price so you don't feel bad knocking it in the woods or bumping it up the treestand.
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