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Default RE: Official Team 32 thread.

For those of you who haven't read this before.. Here it is again..

I wrote this a few years back. They even read it on the radio up here for Rifle season's Deer Hunters Roundup. Actually, It was Wisconsins, Ashland's Station read it.. It was funny..

Its opening day here in the Northwoods,
And I'm sitting in the tree with all my hunting goods.
I range a tree and then a stump,
when I feel the urge to take a dump.
The urge is fierce and i cannot hold,
so i climb on down without my bow.
I lean my back against a tree,
when the devil comes out and then the pee.
I think about the night before,
I shouldn't have had those 3 shots, or was it 4.
I'm nearly done, about to set sail,
when in the distance is a Monster Whitetail.
I quickly put my clothes back on,
when OUCH, i zipped my tiny dong.
The pains horrific, but i get through it,
and climb my tree in hopes to shoot it.
The buck walks in and inches closer,
and there's a doe, he tries to Hose her.
She runs off and he follows,
over the ridge to the next hollow.
As i watch, my heart sinks,
when I realize something stinks.
I look around and, AHH, Alas,
I forgot to wipe my frickin ass.
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