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Default RE: Obama Wins By Acclamation!

Lets see now. I have lived through more elections than I like to remember. Never heard a party that didn't promise the world on a silver platter. I have also never seen any of them deliver even a small percentage of what they promised. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I expect much more of the same old BS that we always get regardless of who we elect. The dems have controlled everything for two years now, care to list their accomplishments? Are we better off than we were two years ago? If we are not, is that Bush's fault too? Could the Dems have ended the war? Could the Dems have started drilling for more oil befor the price of gas hit four dollars? Does anyone think that Bush and Cheny or any other president has any control over world oil prices? Who all thought Iraq had WMD's? Is hind sight really 20/20. Do you really think that only right wing people have buddies in big business or high corporate places? Have you heard any of the reports on Democratic pork barrel projects? Do you only hear what you want to hear or what the liberal press reports?

Aswer those questions then we we can take it from there.
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