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Default RE: Just finished my Web Site

It looks nice. As it does seem a work in progress I'll give you a little constructive critisizm. Hoping you take it as just suggestions because it looks well on its way to be a great site for you.

1. On you price list page, why not just have them posted on that page instead of having costomers have to open yet another page. I assume your making this site to get your name out and get business and it just seems more profesional to me.

2. I would exchange your endorsment to your about me page (with a rename) and make your homepage about you business. This way people learn about you in a little more personal way. But also mention or link them to the endorsments page.

3. Your contact page is a good thing but also can be added as a header or footer to each page. At least the phone number etc. That way a costomer doesn'thave to go looking for the contact info. Just a though here because its nice not having to look.

4. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. I know thats pretty obvious but take a bunch of pics of several mounts and let people see close up what they look like. And like you have it don't forget to link them to bigger versions. I know with me I love to see the little details a taxi is willing to go to make the mount look right.

Like I said it looks good. Any new website should undergo some changes to fine tune it. I think its a great start and I just suggest these things to help if I can. Its just things I notice. It kinda fun working through all that stuff to get it right. And you know as a taxi, its the details that make it really nice.

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