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Default RE: Predator & Small Game Contest?

I don't have a problem with Melsheeba taking over so long as she leaves the rules and scoring the same- and shows up to tally our scores every day or two.

If we're going to include coons I'd say its fair for 10 coonsto equal one coyote - so basically 5 points for a coon and 50 for a coyote? I agree on random team drawings as well.

My last request of those organizing this contest is to make things as clear as possible even if it takes a few more minutes up-front. Maybe use BOLD font to type the scores, and ITALICS to list the team names? Maybe even keep the top scoring teams on top of the list? I'm not trying to make this whole thing complicated.... but I don't think it'd be too tough to make things really clear for those of us who visit the scoring thread on a daily basis!

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