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alright guys first time posting here so go easy. Ever since a picked up a bow, although only a year ago, I have never wanted to hunt with a rifle again. Anyways here is the situation. I live in a populated are of town, however I struck upon some deer tracks in a field. this field is now finally being developed, i have lived her 17 years and it is just now being touched. below is a google earth snap shot. the yellow out lines show what has been developed, and the red out line where i have found said tracks.( the yellow outline to the left of the red has just been grated and no houses built on it yet. everything else has been fully developed)

said tracks.

and my little helper

with all this being said, what do you think i should do about this. i think it would be exciting to set up a stand and harvest one of these deers , considering this field would once be completely developed, but am not sure how i should go about it. i am still new to everything and would appreciate pointers.
looking forward to comments
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