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Default 08-09 Small Game Contest Sign Ups

Alright this is my first time ever running a contest, so go easy on me if I mess up something

Anyways the rules:

1. All animals must be taken legally and ethically according to your state laws.

2. In order for points to be accumulated, you and/or the weapon must be present in the photos you post, if you are hunting alone and your camera doesnt have an auto timer, just make sure the photo is date stamped or has a piece of paper with your username and/or date of kill.

3. Remember that this is just for fun, if anyone is caught cheating you will be disqualified.

Points will be rewarded as follows:

Coyotes 50pts
Fox 40pts
Bobcat 40pts
Badger 30pts
Porcupine 30pts
Groundhogs 20pts
Coons 30pts
Skunk 30pts
Groundsquirrels 20pts
Rabbits 20pts
Armadillo's 20pts
Squirrels 10pts
Gophers 10pts
Snakes 10pts

Sign ups begin August 12 and end September 20

The contest itself will start on August 16th and end March 1

When signing up just copy and paste the previous screen names and add yours and the state(s) in which you will be hunting to the list.

Have a great season and enjoy!
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