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From Sarah's DAD

My daughters first deer
First I want to thank John Ingersoll for putting on the 2nd annual michigan youth hunt.My daughter was picked for a free hunt in Petoskey.This was one of the best times we had .If you know of a youth that would like to hunt and has not gotten a deer plaese check out the other forum Michigan youngsters in the out-of-doors.2nd I would like to thank Ernie Brossau our guide owner of Daylight in the swamp taxidermy (in Petoskey ) who will be mounting my daughters deer head along with other gifts they received from the hunt.I can't say enough good about these people ( friends ) and how they treated my daughter and myself.Sarah my daughter got this 8 point 145lb field dressed buck saturday night.She was sitting on a hay bail looking south at 10 doe for about 1/2 hour and then from the east wood line came a small doe running right at here. It scared her for a minute then four bucks came in behind her 2 spikes 1 four and this 8 point buck.She moved all the way to the left shook for a few minutes ( that felt like hours ) and shot a 100 yards.This is what she found 50 yards away.Thanks again to John and Ernie for helping out the youth hunters.Please check out the other forum for information of the hunt and the gifts that we got plus the free hunt some other lucky youth hunter could win.

Sarah's Mount

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