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Buy a cuddeback.. You can actually make out whats in the pictures.
Someday I'd like to upgrade maybe have a 2nd camera in the woods. This year I just picked up the cheap wildview stealth cam at Gander Mountain on some xmas gift cards ($70) I had so I could try it out. It is pretty crappy I notice that i get a lot of corrupted file pictures for some reason and the pics that do turnout ok aren't always that greatof anexposure or resolution (but it's better then nothing). At least I have some idea of what's in the woods this year. I do love going to download the pictures though it is exciting to see what I captured. It definitely has added another dimension to my hunting this year and also gives me a way to be more excited and involved in hunting year round. I was also a little worried about the camera walking as my hunting land is bordered by state forest and we've had trouble with trespassing in the past so didn't want to make a huge initial investment only to have it get stolen.
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