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Guy's I am 13 as you know already and I am getting a bow today(PSE)and I was wandering about some stuff so here's afew questions for a beginner.
1.Stand or blind? -
2.How far will I be able to kill a deer with a 40 lb. draw weight.
3.Mechanical broad head or what?
4.What sounds better,my granmas land 5 acres of wood's 15 acres ofopen with a pond but it's by a highway,but I have been seeing a doe with her fawn around their,or LOTS!!!!of woods open fields!!!!!water good grass but it's my neighbors and I am not sure if he will let me hunt their,and last but not least,25 acres of wood's with other timber in spot's water field and thats where i also rifle hunt,but the guy rented it off and I am not sure if the guy renting it will let me hunt.
5.My neighbor is just 50 yrds. away and I was wandering if I ask do I call or ask in person?That's kind of a dumb stupid question but what would yall do?
1) stand with a safety harness. practice with your bow a lot from a stand to get good at shooting from it.
2) 30 yards max
3) mechanical (rage)
4) get as much huntable land as you can possibley get..the more the better. don't limit yourself to just a smaller piece. Ask your neighbor in person, they appreciate that better.
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