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ORIGINAL: BrutalAttack

I think it's long past time that topics such as this are reported for deletion. They are intentionally argumentative and don't answer any particular question or problem. They always degenerate into flame wars and should therefore be removed.

16. Brand Bashing and generally arguementative posts will not be tolerated. Legitimate posts regarding problems that you have experienced with a particular piece of equipment or service will be allowed. However, posts that are directly bashing a product or manufacturer are not allowed on These forums and chat room are designed as a place for hunters to gather to exchange stories, advice, and meet other hunters from around the world - not to argue amongst ourselves or to talk down about any individual business or product. All posts of this nature will be removed and disciplinary action will be taken against their author.

You sound pretty argumentative inyour first poston this threadyourself! Maybe you should take some of your own advice! Calm down and relax. No need to get so worked up over an internet forum.

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