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There we go finally some one who has somthing good to say about 308 not stupid frigin 243s. Why would u buy a 243 for varmitns to deer maybe some day this guy will go elk or moose huting ever think about that, thats why the 308 comes in handy not a 243,
did you bother to read what the original poster asked, well I show you below.

HI! im looking at a remigton bolt action varmit rifle in a .308 or .243 my main purpose would be plinking a little bit but mostly hunting varmit to deer
he said nothing about elk or moose.
(plinking and varmints to deer) clear winner is the .243
If I had only a .243 and I had a chance to go elk or moose hunting, I would not have one single problem bagging one. If you cant kill a moose with a .243, you suck at hunting. Dude I could do it with a .22 mag if thats all I had.

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