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Default RE: Montana Elk Hunting Tactics

My suggestion is find every video, TV show, book, online article that you can get your hands on about calling. You will be there during the time when bulls are gathering harems and starting to breed and they will be talking quite a bit. Calling will be by far your most effective weapon. Practice calling while your driving to and from work, over the weekends, when ever you can.

Since it's the first trip for all of you, you will have to substitute someone else's experience for your own. But if you go out there practiced up and an arsenal of calls you will have a great chance atsuccess. Yes there will be hiking, scouting, and searching involved but if you can do some hot cow calls and some locator bugles it will make your life A LOT easier.

Go to Paul's website and get his videos....they are the best I've seen when it comes to calling and locating elk and I've seen Primos vids, Carlton vids and a whole bunch of others as well.

Trust me try his videos out....he's a diamond in the rough when it comes to this stuff.
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