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Ive used feeders in the past and have gotten away from using them and baiting as well. My experiences have been that the deer are on pins and needles when the come into baiting area. They know its not natural and i have never seen a large mature buck come into a setup. It is a good way to shoot some does and small bucks, but you will be hard pressed to see a mature animal.
If youg going to get a feeder, get one that dispenses the feed over a large area, ive had ones that just drop the corn in a pile and the problem with that is only a couple of deer will be able to feed. Ones that dispense the corn allow more animals to feed comfortably and will draw more animals in. If your going to use a feeder and bait them, and its legal, set them up now and let the deer get used to them so they are settled down come hunting season.
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