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Default SBE II Slug Gun?... and keep it dedicated? or is smooth bore swap OK?

Having been frustratedpast the breaking point by slugaccuracy and reliability issues with aMoss 935, I'm giving up and have decided on a SBE II Slug Gun. I'm going with the SBE II because I was looking for an auto loader andliked the nimble sleek feel of the SBE II. I am also choosing theSBE II over the M2 because the steel receiver of the SBE II is permanently attached to the barrel, which should translate into an accuracy advantage over the M2. The M2 has an aluminum receiver and the barrel detaches from the receiver. I was tempted by Xtrema2 because of it's ability to handle 3 1/2 slugs like Hastings or Lightfield (SBE II max 3" for slugs) and even though stats say Xtrema2 slug is 4 oz heavier than SBE II glug, the Xtrema field that I handled didn't feel any heavier. Maybe the slug barrel would add more weight even though it's shorter? Regardless, I think the detractor from the Xtrema2 was the seemingly very high position of the cantilever mount above the receiver. I don't understand why they needed such a gap above the receiver and because I'm thinking the SBE II barrel fixed into a steel receivershouldbe a more solid platform than the Xtrema2 cantilever, the SBE II is on its way. If you have other opinions on the thought process above, please share.

As you can tell, an auto loader with a very stable barrel to receiver to scope configuration for accuracy considerations was the primary reasoning behingchoosing the SBE II. My question is that after I get the new gun all dialed in and I figure out what kind of slugs it likes, do I just keep the new rig as a dedicated slug gun to preserve the accuracy of the setup?... or can a field barrel be swapped in and out without ‘loosening’ anything up too much? With the cost of field barrel practically ½ the cost of a complete gun, I’m wondering ifthe better choice might be tosave up my pennies and eventually pick up an additional SBE II field gun. Does anyone out there swap slug and field barrels on their SBE II and what are the pros and cons?... and do you have any worries about loosening anything up a bit and possibly costing you some accuracy? Slugs are difficult enough to squeeze accuracy out of. This time around, I want the equipment to be consistent so that the only variable leftare the weather and the shooter.

Thanks in advance... BrewtownJohn.
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