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Default RE: Another scope question...

ORIGINAL: johnnybravoo77

MY uncle has the same gun with silver vx-ii 3-9, and it has proved to be very deadly.
Whats very deadly ??? the gun or the scope .... last time I checked, the gun did the killing ..... unless your uncle removes the scope and beats the game over the head with it.

The VX II is inferior in quality to the Nikon Buckmasters and most certainly the Monarch.
And it cost more than the Buckmasters line, and almost as much as the Monarch. It doesn't use ambient light as effectively, having a lower % of pass through, than either Nikon scope line.

Does it have click reticle adjustments, or does it have Friction reticle adjustments, which are inferior to click adjustments.??

So what exactly makes it such an awesome killing maching.????
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