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Default Shocking experience ??

I moved from La. decades ago. Two weeks ago Iwent back "home" and fished in the Gulf shallows near Grand Isle with two HS classmates ... specs and reds. We loaded the boat ... and we experienced something neither of us had ever come across before. These two guys are on the water a bunch.

So ... here's the deal. Atypical small thunder bumper passed within maybe 1/2 mile of us Friday afternoon,just close enoughto get us wet. About 30 minutes later one (and only one) of the 3 of us started experiencing strong static electric discharges from the rod handle.Occured probably 10-15 times. Strong enough to "knock" the rod out of his hands a couple of times. And we could hear the "pop" over the wave noise and soft wind.Every now and then when he'd cast, the line would rise skyward and form a long arc and just sit there suspended.Bsit in the water at the far end and the rod in Larry's hand. Neither of the other two of us experienced any of this. Another boat fo buddies fishing within 75-100 yards of us had nothing like this going on.This guy was in the same boat with two of us, usning a "All-Star" casting rod, aluminum framed Shimano bait casting reel, and Trilene brand mono throwing a Morror Lure She Dag.He was wearing typical colthing ... Bermuda shorts and cotton t-shirt, and deck shoes. Any ideas?
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