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I wanted to keep it authentic as possible (within reason. I can't pull a 140# bow). True longbows are not allowed to have arrow shelves, sight pins, string knocks, and cannot be shot with releases. These are the rules of the International Longbow Society, as I understand them. They must be shot 'off-the-hand'.

Historically, the Welsh early-type, or 'seige' longbow did not even have a grip. It was just a stick with a string. I like the suede grip on this one. It fills my hand well, and the weight of the oak wood makes me feel like I have a real weapon in my hands. I like the extra heft. It seems to help me steady my shots.

I am working on a bamboo-backed hickory flat bow, now. I will cut an arrow shelf on it, and tiller it to around 45-55 pounds.

By the way, this is the first bow I've ever built. I just found a couple of sets of instructions online, and went from there. The tillering process is the scariest part for me. If you overshoot your target weight, you just killed your bow. You can't put wood back on it. That's why I stopped at 83 pounds. I can always go back and tiller it some more, if needed. I'm just chicken when it comes to tillering. And I actually like the way it shoots at this weight.

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Nice. Looks like you are a knuckle shooter?
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