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Default TC Omega - Nikon Omega Scope - Base and Rings?

I have a Nikon Omega Scope (3-9x40) w/Nikopolex Reticle on the way for my TC Omega. I considered the BDC reticle but all of the deer that I have harvested were taken under 100 yards, actually most were under 50 for that matter. I preferred the bold reticle of the Nikoplex vs the thinner BDC. I have seen where several of you like the Leopold quick release base and rings. I am still new to muzzleloading and this will be my first scope ever. I have been hunting for the past 16 years and have always used open sights. I like the idea of being able to easily remove the scope for cleaning purposes and storing in the gun safe. I have read some good reviews about this base and rings and most people seemed pleased with the outcome. If I end up going this route it appears that I will need the medium rings for this setup.

Is this the way you would go? Anything better?

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